MEL Science: Explore Science with Experiments

MEL Science: Explore Science with Experiments

Do you want to get your kids into science in a fun way? Try MEL Science! They have science kits and digital fun that teach STEM education in a cool way. Your kids will love learning with interactive experiments and at-home science kits.

The MEL Science app is an awesome tool for science activities. It leads kids through fun experiments and helps them make their own science projects. Kids learn by doing, which is the best way. The app even shows cool stuff like the design of molecules1.

MEL Science is very careful about keeping kids safe online2. The latest version of the app, 2.66.9, has made things better2. Even though some people didn't love it, many, even a 12-year-old, think it's great1.

Explore awesome science experiments with MEL Science's subscription boxes and educational toys. Be part of a group helping kids get into science with MEL Science's STEAM curriculum and chemistry sets. Let's make learning science fun for your children!

Introduction to MEL Science

MEL Science is a cool company for kids. It gives them science kits to use at home. These kits help kids learn by doing fun experiments. They cover subjects like chemistry and physics3.

Now, they also have an app with lessons in virtual reality (VR) for older kids. Middle and high school students can learn a lot from it3. There's MEL Chemistry VR for studying molecules and bonds. MEL Physics VR shows physics in a fun way with games. And MEL Kids AR teaches younger students the basics of science3. The app has more than 70 lessons and tests. The lessons are short, only 3-7 minutes4.

There are over 70 VR lessons and hands-on projects with MEL Science. They cover many topics, like the periodic table and electrostatics4. Every month, subscribers get more than 100 projects to do. And there are over 50 digital activities5.

MEL Science wants kids to enjoy and understand science. Their projects are fun and interesting. They help make hard science ideas easy to get5.

The MEL Science app is full of cool experiments. They're great for kids who want to learn interesting facts. Like, did you know fish oil has dark secrets? Or that you can make spaghetti turn blood red?3 You can find all kinds of science facts in the app. It uses animations and clear instructions for experiments3.

All the projects meet educational standards. Safety is a big deal with MEL Science. They give clear safety rules and use safe materials5.

Feature Description
VR Lessons Over 70 VR lessons and tests about chemistry and physics4
Hands-on Projects More than 100 hands-on projects show up monthly for subscribers5
Digital Experiences They have over 50 digital activities, like games and quizzes5
Educational Standards The projects match what kids learn in school5
Safety They give clear safety instructions for each project5

The MEL Science app helps users keep track of their learning. It's easy to use and helps with experiments3. You can get it on the App Store or Google Play. It has fun facts, experiments, and VR lessons. Plus, you can sign up to get more help and lessons3.

MEL Science is for everyone, in many languages. You can learn about atoms, molecules, and more with their VR lessons4.

If you're looking into MEL Science, they have good starter kits. You might also want to check out their reviews or find a discount code. They're a great way to enjoy learning about science3.

Hands-on Science Kits

MEL Science has awesome science kits to enjoy at home. These kits are perfect for kids who want to learn by doing. They cover topics like chemistry, physics, and more. So, there's always something interesting for every kid.

Chemistry Sets

MEL Science's chemistry sets are great for young scientists. They help kids discover the world of molecules and how they react. Kids as young as 10 can have fun. The chemistry sets are part of a subscription. It costs as low as $29.90 a month for a year.6

Each kit includes everything needed and clear instructions. This makes learning chemistry both fun and easy.

Physics Projects

MEL Science's physics kits are awesome for kids 8 to 14. They get to do fun experiments with things like luminescent lights and crystals. These projects teach the basic ideas of physics in a fun way. The physics kits are offered through a subscription too. The monthly cost is $39.90 per kit. You can share these with 2-3 kids.6

Through these activities, kids learn about the world around them. They also develop thinking and problem-solving skills.

MEL Science doesn't just stop at chemistry and physics. They have kits on medicine, space, math, and more. When you choose the yearly option, you get a steady flow of kits for $358.80. This way, you can focus deeply on one topic at a time.6

These science kits truly spark kids' interest in exploring the world through science. It's a great way to nurture a lasting love for learning and discovery.

Digital Learning Experiences

MEL Science is not like other science kits. It offers both hands-on experiments and digital learning. This mix is great for kids 5 to 10+ because it encourages curiosity and thinking7.

Interactive Mobile App

The MEL Science app is a huge part of the experience. It guides kids through experiments step by step. This makes science easy and fun, like having a tutor in your pocket2.

What’s really cool? The app uses VR and AR. This lets kids see and play with complicated science stuff. They can check out things like acids and molecules in a whole new way2.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The app has a bunch of VR experiences too. Kids can do experiments in a virtual lab. It’s a safe way to learn hands-on science at home7.

There's also AR. It puts digital stuff on real things with your phone. Kids can see molecules or chemical reactions this way. It's a fun, interactive way to learn science7.

Experiments and digital tech together is what makes MEL Science special. It helps with school subjects too. Many users use it to help with school work or for homeschooling2.

And parents and teachers don’t have to worry about data safety. The app keeps kids' info safe, doesn't share data, and can delete information when asked. This focus on privacy and safety means fun learning for kids without concerns2.

Benefits of MEL Science for Kids

MEL Science is great for kids, making learning science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) fun and exciting. Your child will get a box every month packed with cool experiments. Each box includes clear instructions and everything needed8. These hands-on experiments are perfect for kids of all ages, making sure there's something for everyone9.

Engaging STEM Education

MEL Science is all about making STEM education fun. The kits are designed to grab your child's attention and make them curious. By doing these experiments, kids learn important scientific ideas and concepts8. They get to explore chemistry, physics, space, and math, making learning interesting and diverse8.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

With MEL Science, kids get to think critically and solve problems through experiments. They’ll learn to follow instructions and see what happens with their own eyes. This helps them develop a mindset for science and understand that making mistakes is how we learn and grow8.

Fostering a Love for Science

MEL Science sparks a love for science early on. The fun experiments and digital experiences in the MEL Science app are engaging. Starting with science at a young age can inspire kids to dive deeper into STEM and maybe even become scientists8.

MEL Science Kit Age Range Price
MEL Science Medical 14 and above $64.90
MEL Science Chemistry 5-14 years old $29.90 per month
MEL Science Physics 5-14 years old $29.90 per month
MEL Science Space 5-14 years old $29.90 per month
MEL Science Maths 5-14 years old $29.90 per month
MEL Science STEM 5-14 years old $29.90 per month

It's not just about the science. Doing MEL Science activities together can bring parents and kids closer. It's a great way to bond and share a love for learning8. For anyone looking to inspire a child's interest in science, MEL Science is an outstanding option810.

MEL Science Subscription Boxes

MEL Science makes exploring science fun with monthly kits. These are for all ages, from 4 to 99 years old. Your child will get a new kit each month. They can try different science topics and experiments11.

MEL Science focuses on learning by doing. Each kit includes what you need for fun experiments11. There are kits for chemistry (ages 10-16+), physics (ages 8-14+), and STEM (ages 5-10+). These kits make learning interesting and complete11.

Over 3 million followers have shared their scientific experiences enthusiastically, showcasing the popularity and effectiveness of MEL Science12.

MEL Science also uses cool tech to boost learning. Their boxes include experiments, VR, online classes, and AR lessons11. This way, kids learn in different, exciting ways.

Experts call MEL Science a top project for learning chemistry at home12. They've won awards for being innovative in education12.

Starting at $29.90 a month, MEL Science is a budget-friendly option. Choosing the yearly plan saves you money and gives a full year of science12.

Subscription Box Age Range Key Features
MEL Chemistry 10-16+ Explore the world of molecules and chemical reactions
MEL Physics 8-14+ Discover the principles of mechanics, electricity, and magnetism
MEL STEM 5-10+ Engage in hands-on STEM projects and experiments

Parents have loved MEL Science for over a decade of homeschooling12. It's educational, fun for families, and safe11.

Schools can benefit too. They should write to to see how these kits fit in their lessons12.

Take a scientific adventure with MEL Science. Their kits inspire a love for science that lasts a lifetime.

Using MEL Science in Homeschooling and Classrooms

MEL Science is great for parents and teachers who want a better science program. It includes kits and digital tools for all ages. This makes it easy to use for any kid's education13.

One big plus of MEL Science is how it adds to current science classes. It helps students understand topics by doing experiments. This hands-on method deepens their understanding of science14.

Supplementing Science Curriculum

MEL Science has many kits for chemistry, physics, and more. They work well alone or with your other lessons. These kits provide lots of experiments and are easy to use for families and teachers13.

Enhancing Science Labs and Experiments

The kits from MEL Science can make science labs better. They mix physical and digital learning, which keeps kids interested. This helps kids learn to think and ask questions about science14.

Many Chemistry experiments can be done alone by kids. They are made with clear safety rules. The Physics projects include fun, interactive VR lessons. These make science fun and easy to understand for 8-14 year-olds13.

MEL Science Kit Age Range Key Features
MEL Kids Ages 5-9 Teaches basic science with fun experiments
Physics Ages 8-14 Has hands-on projects and VR for learning
Chemistry Ages 10-16+ Offers experiments with clear safety steps

MEL Science also has extra projects and live lessons. This makes learning science even better. These help kids understand science more deeply13.

Using MEL Science means more fun learning for kids. It combines real experiments, tech, and solid lessons. MEL Science helps kids love and do well in science and tech fields.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

MEL Science earns great reviews from parents and educators. They love the science kits for the fun and learning they bring. A big 71% give it a perfect 5-star rating15.

Parents see their kids excited about science with MEL Science kits. The fun experiments are for ages 7 to teenagers. They spark kids' curiosity and love for learning9. Many talk about how well the online and special tech parts help kids learn better9.

Positive Feedback from Parents and Educators

Nicola O'Callaghan raves about MEL Science. Her son loves it, especially the VR learning for chemistry. It makes science fun and he's really into it.

My son absolutely loves his MEL Science subscription! The experiments are engaging, and the virtual reality lessons make learning chemistry so much more interactive and fun. It's wonderful to see him excited about science.

Educators like Emma Cruickshank find MEL ScienceMEL Science a big help. It makes learning more vivid and interesting. Her students show more interest and understand science better.

MEL Science has changed the game for us. Mixing hands-on stuff with digital really makes science exciting. My students have gotten way more into it.

Success Stories and Learning Outcomes

MEL Science does more than excite kids about science. It also helps them really get scientific concepts. Plus, it makes them want to learn about science and tech more.

Learning Outcome Parent/Educator Feedback
Improved understanding of complex concepts "The virtual reality lessons helped my daughter grasp difficult chemistry concepts much more easily." - Marina Mello
Increased engagement and motivation "My students are always excited for science class now! The hands-on experiments keep them engaged and motivated to learn." - Kevin Power
Developed problem-solving skills "The MEL Science kits have helped my son develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He's learning to approach challenges with a scientific mindset." - Lisa Ishee
Inspired pursuit of STEM fields "After using MEL Science, my daughter has expressed a strong interest in pursuing a career in science. It's incredible to see how these kits have ignited her passion." - Jignesh

Many have great things to say about MEL Science. They love how it makes science fun and encourages kids to learn. The monthly box subscription keeps kids exploring and learning regularly9.


MEL Science is a top pick for parents and educators who want to get kids excited about science, ages 8 to 1616. It includes experiments in physics and chemistry that are fun and hands-on14. These activities are made to support what kids are learning at school or through homeschooling145.

Every month, kids get to try out more than 100 cool projects and over 50 digital activities with MEL Science5. This approach helps young learners build important skills like thinking critically and solving problems14. The program aims to keep science lessons fun for kids of all ages, with clear guidelines for safety5.

People around the globe highlight MEL Science for sparking a love of science in kids and offering a fun learning style14. Its dedication to making science easy, fun, and available is seen in 48 countries and its money-back promise16. Dive into science with MEL Science to experience the benefits of hands-on, engaging learning for your child.

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